Course curriculum

    1. A message from Scott Wozniak, Founder and CEO of Swoz Consulting

    2. Quick Review On How To Use The Course System

    1. Create Raving Fans Video

    2. Create Raving Fans Upgrade Questions

    3. Create Raving Fans Presentation Slides

    1. Customer Insight Video

    2. Customer Insight Upgrade Questions

    3. Customer Insight Presentation Slides

    1. Operational Excellence Video

    2. Operational Excellence Upgrade Questions

    3. Operational Excellence Presentation Slides

    1. Personalized Service Video

    2. Personalized Service Upgrade Questions

    3. Personalized Service Presentation Slides

    1. Memorable Moments Video

    2. Memorable Moments Upgrade Questions

    3. Memorable Moments Presentation Slides

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